The Kadriorg Apartments team wants you to live in rental apartments with pleasure. Compliance with rules and regulations below guarantees a comfortable living environment throughout the rental period. Please, read and understand them.

  • Pets are welcome here. The main thing is that the pet behaves well and does not disturb your neighbors.
  • Smoking is allowed only in a specially designated location in the backyard.
  • You can set Internet and TV network. To do this, you need to contact Telia, STV or Elisa operators and conclude a contract of service with one of them.
  • In addition to monthly lease fee, be ready for incidental expenses such as house management services and utility charges (heating, garbage disposal, water services and electricity).

If you have any doubts about any item, or if you have any question about the rules, do not hesitate to contact the managers of Kadriorg Apartments. The specialists will be glad to consult you.