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The first apartments for rental in Tallinn are ready!
Apartments rental is a profitable solution. All you need is just to move your stuff. Stylish modern interiors, necessary amenities for a comfortable life, a quiet, calm area – this is a dream! Kadriorg Apartments makes it come true by offering apartments for rent in the historic district of Tallinn  – Kadriorg.

Rent apartments
in the historical district of Kadriorg.

Rental apartments, offered by Kadriorg Apartments, are located in a wonderful historical district near Kadriorg palace and garden complex, created yet in the 18th century upon the initiative of Peter the Great. Lovers of spellbinding landscapes, the antique architecture will put much value on this cubby with a unique atmosphere. Here, time flows a little more slowly so that you have time to enjoy the beauty of Kadriorg. Check the rental apartments, choose the one that fits your taste and contact our managers for details.

Advantageous offer for apartments rental in Tallinn!

Choose your perfect apartment
Kadriorg Apartments invites you to move into one of the apartments offered for rental in Kadriorg district. All the modern amenities necessary for a comfortable life are available for you. Price – starting at under 800 € per month.

Apartment for long-term rent is convenient, reliable and profitable!

The Kadriorg quarter has a developed infrastructure: a wide selection of shops and restaurants,  Spa-s, kindergartens, schools, space for sport and participating in free activities, hiking trails. In just a few minutes, you can reach the city center and the beach on the Gulf of Tallinn, Singing Stage and Estonian exhibitions. Having a rented apartment in Kadriorg, you will feel maximum comfort and freedom.
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Have a look at our catalog of the apartments ready for rent. Put the value on interior appearances, conveniences, estimate the costs, and you’ll realize that such a combination of price and comfort can’t be found anywhere else.

Contact the managers of Kadriorg Apartments to consult on the issues and make the reservation of an apartment you like.